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Language Arts includes many different areas and we will be working on all of them in fourth grade. We will read stories from several different genres, learn new vocabulary, work on your comprehension skills, and practice reading with expression. All your grammar skills will be put to good use when you write creatively. A personal narrative and imaginative nonfiction are examples of the types of writing you will be doing this year. You will learn the five steps of the writing process to help you complete your stories.

Each child is being provided with a user name, a password, and the directions needed to use Think Central. This is a website provided by the publishers of our reading series and allows the students to have access to our Reader online. The following link will take you directly to Think Central then follow the directions sent home in a letter with your child.
Think Central

I have set up the following website to help my students learn their weekly spelling words. Click on the link. It will take you directly to my homepage. Choose the spelling lesson we are working on then try the Teach Me, Test Me, or Play a Game link.

Spelling City

The following sites can be used to strengthen grammar skills.

Grammaropolis This site will help you learn the parts of speech

Noun or Verb Game


Houghton Mifflin English Good site to practice proofreading

Education Place This website is the old favorite mad-libs on line and is good for reinforcing parts of speech

Soft Schools Contains math, language arts, and social studies activities

School House Rock Grammar videos

Subjects & Predicates








The Electric Company

Punctuation Rock