Some of the things we will be learning in Science this year are cells, human body systems, life cycles, vertebrates & invertebrates, weather, matter, and oceanography.

You can use this link to the publisher of our Science text to help learn and review our vocabulary. Click on Grade 4 and then click on vocabulary games.
Houghton Mifflin - Science

Below is a great website to review concepts being taught in class. Click on the word Science then choose all topics. Find the current topic we are learning and have fun.
Study Jams

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Here are other fun websites to explore.
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Cells - Plants - Invertebrates- Vertebrates

Animal Facts

All About Mammals

Animal Diversity Web

Kid Sites - Animals

National Geographic Search for your favorite animal
Scholastic's Make Weather Conditions

Weather Wiz Kids

Switch Zoo Great animal site - You can switch animal parts, learn about animals, create an animal habitat and more
Kids Biology

Kids Health


Bill Nye Experiments

Science Bob Fun, interactive site

School House Rock videos
Digestive System

Circulatory System


Nervous System