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We will be learning all about Pennsylvania this year. We will be studying Pennsylvania's geography, history, people, and government. You can go to any of the following web sites to learn new facts about our state. Be sure to share what you learn with the class.

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Pennsylvania Facts


State Facts

State Symbols Quiz & Facts

Virtual Tour of State Capitol

Nature/Resources for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Native Americans

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Weave a virtual wampum belt

Ben Franklin

History Place

William Penn

Penn Plans a City

Pennsbury Manor

Social Studies for Kids - American Revolution

Have Fun with History - American Revolution

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Valley Forge National Park

Social Studies for Kids - Civil War

Have Fun with History - Civil War

History for Kids - Civil War

Causes of the Civil War

Gettysburg National Park

School House Rock Videos

Boston Tea Party

Fireworks - Declaration of Independence

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Shot Heard Round the World


Three Ring Government

I'm Just a Bill

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